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CBS Nightly News Tuesday


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This was posted on another site, I don't think it will be long before they go after all the UtVs and ATVs.

Hey guys....I pulled this info off of some other forums today.....apparently there is going to be a story on CBS Evening News this week (Tomorrow night, actually!) titled "Unsafe Vehicles" and featuring the Yamaha Rhino!! From what I hear from people who have watched the clip, it's going to be pretty biased against the Rhino ....

Here is a link to their "comments" Section - click on the drop down menu and add your comment if you want to ask them to cover the POSITIVE side of UTV's!!! If we bombard them with requests for fair reporting, perhaps they will actually take a look at the other side of these stories!!! Many people are also including a link to TruthAboutRhino.com with their comments...I'm sure this will help!!

CBSNews.com Feedback

AND - here is their e-mail!!! [email protected]

I also wouldn't be surprised if Yamaha comes up with a response to this story..........I'm sure they are aware of it already......

Send your comments and GOOD experiences, people!! Post this link anywhere you can - let's at least give CBS something to think about!!!

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We are now in the control of BIG BROTHER! Walking will be the most risky activity you will be allowed to do. A seat belt will have to be installed on every toilet seat. YOur daily activities will be approved by Big Brother and transmitted to you via your implanted chip manufactured by GM, Government Motors. Man o Man things are a changing! I am off to watch Soylet Green.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico/New Mexico

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