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Az Bound

Front End Alignment

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Does anyone know the complete specs for the front end alignment other than the 3 degrees camber and .98 inch toe in provided by the manual for a T-4 Trooper.

Although not a mechanic myself, I understand from a friend of mine, that more info is required to set up the front end correctly.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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I don't agree with the setup you have posted. I do have quite a bit of knowledge around alignments/setup from doing it to my race cars.

What I would recommend as a starting point and adjust as needed:

+ 1 degree caster (note Positive caster)

- 1 degree camber (note Negative camber)

1/2 inch tow-IN

Reduce the caster to Zero if when you turn a corner it feels unstable.

Increase tow-in to 1 inch if steering feels twitchy/wonders when driven in a straight line.

Keep in mind this is not a car and will not drive like one. When driven in the dirt the setup is not as important and is very forgiving. The problem/most noticeable is when driven on hardtop/street.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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When I return home, I will try to throw some gauges on my trooper to see where it is at from factory. There should not be any difference between a T2 & a T4.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Thanks. Although I haven't noticed any steering problems (always driven in desert), the front end just doesn't look quite right and we though we would check it, if we could get the right info. Iam going back to Arizona this week and we'll check it against the info provided by you.

Happy Trails

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