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Front differential problems


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I have a 09 t4 that will not go into 4 wheel drive. I am taken apart the differential but can not figure out how to open the cluster gears!!! Any one can help I would appreciate it very much

I got it open all is good . When I put in 4x4 the you can turn the front axles but the drive line stays in place. Is this the norm on a Trooper. Iam a new owner and a little confused about this.


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There are some past postings on here about the front diff, how it works and how the 4x4 engages. You will have to do a little searching. Most of the post were by Lenny. Do a search for front diff Lenny. He may even read this and post again or PM (Private Message) you. Kinarfi and a couple others may even chime in.

rocmoc n AZ

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First go to Technical Articles above and look for Differential inspection. My first thought is that is is in the actuator. There is a collar that connects two gears together by sliding from all the way on one gear to half over each gear thus connecting them and engaging lockout. If this collar doesn't slide far enough to get over the second gear (it really wants to get half way over it), lockout won't engage. Likewise if the collar slides all the way onto the second gear, it's going too far and you won't be engaged here either. The pin that goes into the side of the diff controls this and its range of movement is adjustable under the dash and at the diff.


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