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long time lurker, first time member

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Hello all,

As the title says, I have been reading all kinds of posts on the site. Now i think its time to have an account and be official.

recently I acquired a 2009 Joyner Trooper T2! Before buying it I did all kinds of internet research on them and found the most information here. Now that I own the T2 I have been doing even more research to find out what people have done with them. Looking forward to modifying and riding the T2, and chatting about either of the two subjects here

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Alright, Profile updated with a little more info!

RA might still be exchanging words over whose SxS is best.......I really try to stay out of that BS. I've never gotten a strong response on anything I've posted over there, no matter what the topic; dirt bike, quad, GPS info, riding partners, Joyner, etc. So rocmoc was the only one really responding to SxS posts about the T2, I figured i would move it over here.

Thanks for the "welcomes"! glad to be in the loop with all the joyner tinkerers!

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