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How many Troopers sold in U.S.?


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I wonder how many Troopers have been sold in the U.S. and if anyone on this forum would know? Next time I talk to Joyner USA I will ask, but I wonder with all the changeover there if they know???

I know the members on this site equal just a fraction of the owners.

I would like to get these numbers because there are a few performance shops I would like to pitch the 1100cc motor to. BUT, if they can't make any money then they just wouldn't waste their time. If we can create the demand the supply will follow. Now I don't want to bag on any of the aftermarket support out there we currently have, but none of them have really dug into the potential of the motor (like Lenny has).

I can only imagine how many buggys are running the 1100cc powerplant worldwide.

Does anyone know any numbers?

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We are going to the extreme with this Trooper.We are going to document each stage of the build.It will take a littel time for each stage.Lennys Trooper would cost about 10,000 to build.We are going to try a few new things and see how it works.We will start on it soon and will post the stock H/P on the Dyno.

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On mine, the dyno charts of my engine shows 121 HP at 5700 rpms. That's where I have the rev limiter set .However the hp line is still going up with no signs of rolling over yet. That tells me that if a stronger crank, rods and pistons were installed that this little engine might put out maybe like 175 hp being allowed to rev higher. If this engine were allowed to rev say 8500 rpms who knows. Running in 3rd gear on tight trails, I can spin it out if I get on it half way thru the turn. The rear wheels will even start to slide sideways in 4th but not enough to spin it out. This is down in the 2000 rpm range in 4th. Silverbullets engine should be interesting.


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