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Next Jamboree


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We can start it!

Somewhere COLD or when it is COLD, I am tired of being cooked every year. AND less dust! I am already going to Ouray, CO in mid-August. Coral Pink was really nice but pick a time when there is rain to keep the dust down. It was fairly cool even in June when we were there. Kinarfi even had to go into town to get propane. May & June are just dry dusty months so would not be my pick. Also the warmer it gets the more bugs. I would also go back to Hanksville, that place was GREAT, but before it gets hot. We can't make it in the spring already busy.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Coral pink is a good place. It's in southern Utah. Some great trail rides along with a large sand dunes area and senery. Rain is iffy, it's just a dry area. May would be a good time. Generally not hot yet. Of course trying to guess when its going to be hot or cold is a dice toss. September is also cooler. This area is at 6000 feet elevation so that helps with the heat too. Plenty of room for large campers but camping would be remote, no bathrooms, electric or hookups. It's also near Colorado City. Remember Warren Jeff, while that is where he ruled. Being that close, you could always stop buy and pick up a couple of extra wifes. They even trade wifes around there depending on if the ruling men decide rather your wife would be better for another man or not.


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You guys in the east need to set up an eastern Jamboree. I think for the most part its unrealistic and impractical to drive from the east all the way out west for a couple day Jamboree. Gosh the fuel cost these days would be huge. We wish you could come because the trails out here are in a class of their own. Not that the trails in the east are not great too. By class, I referring to it being dry desert and old cowboy movie type stuff. No mud, outragous scenery. We have stuff that is like driving down into the Grand Canyon, old mines, big cliffs and for the most part, verty few bugs. I lived in the east for most my life and rode motorcycle down lots of trails. They were great. Out west is just different. Oh, and we don't have Poison Ivy.


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