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For the starter solenoid you can use a 96 Geo Tracker.. Replaced my solenoid with one. Bolted right up... 1.6 GEO motor ..Make sure you check it out before buying for the starter motor part. I do not know if it spins CW or CCW plus I did not count the teeth on bendix. The solenoid is 78.00 at Advance.. 25.00 For used starter at junk yard.

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I recommend the use of an interposing relay when you get things back together, the long run and small wire from key to solenoid limits the current and before I put one on my trooper, I could hear the solenoid come in, but the starter didn't spin, after I put the relay in, no more problems. Take your starter apart and clean and lube it and clean the commutator and then put it back together, that could be all it needs.

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Did the interposing relay, but still had problems. So i:

removed starter and dissassembled. water had gotten in and one brush was seized. easy fix.

Who designed the intake? idiot. flipped it upside down. Now, i can get to the starter easily, plus the MAS doesn't get crammed with mud.

Moved the starter cable from the cutoff switch to the battery direct. Why complicate things?

Everything works good so far...

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