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Cage mods and Doors


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Just wanted to share. I am very happy with the way the Trooper turned out. I am an active duty military member who has recently been transferred to Mississippi. No one here has ever heard of or seen a Joyner, so needless to say it gets A LOT of attention. My buddies have nicknamed it "The DOOM BUGGY". HAHAHA

Upgraded diffs, ported the intake throttle body, and head. Still wanted some more, added turbo with an additional cooler/electric fan for the water jacket side. Straightened out the cooling system, upgraded the fuse blocks, pitched the stock shocks and had Ride Tech make me some coil overs. Installed 1/2 inlet and outlet on the fuel cell with a spin on filter and housing and 1/2" fuel line.

Made a few cage mods. Cut out the stock side bar and welded in some, in my opinion, better looking jams, and built the doors. Covered the sides with 3/8" aluminum plate. Removed the stock off road lights and installed 2 LED's, a 48" and a 12". Built a snorkel off the turbo that comes up the corner of the cab on the passenger side and stops under the roof. We do a lot of mudd riding, had to protect the air filter.

Just for kicks for fathers day my boys bought me a Dukes of Hazard air horn, which is popular, obnoxious, super loud, and pretty hilarious. Also installed an American Flag on whip.

I am always after something different and this is it. I like the Polaris, Kawas, Can-ams, and Yamahas. The only thing wrong with them is they are way to popular and anyone can go get one and trick it out with store bought add-ons. I like making my own stuff.

Hope you enjoy, or I spark a few new ideas.








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