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2011 joyner r2 fuel pump fuse


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I am having an issue with the fuel pump fuse blowing as soon as I turn the key on. The utv was running great and all of a sudden it blew the fuse and now wont run. The unit only has 250 miles on it. Any ideas on where to start? Im in western north carolina and cant find anyone to work on it. Thanks.

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Sounds like a dead short to me. With 250 miles, I really don't think it could be much. I'd look underneath the thing, at the wiring. A lot of times sticks, or logs and stuff gets kicked up and can damage the wiring. Other than that, it could be the pump itself. Try un plugging the wire to the fuel pump, then turn it on, see if it still blows a fuse. If not, use a test light to see if you've got 12 volts at that plug. If there's 12v at the plug, then the pump is the problem.

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I've got a mule, it's not for play. It's for work around the farm. But all off road vehicles can be subjected to a lot of abuse from underneath. I installed a large plate of 5/8 thick bed liner type plastic under the vulnerable areas on the mule. But I'm always pulling jammed sticks out from various places on the thing. And the mule seldom sees speeds over ten MPH. So that's the first thing that comes to mind with a relatively new off-road vehicle.

I'm not sure if I know what a Joyner is. I've seen the pictures posted by other members. They look like fun, kinda like a mini sand rail. If parts aren't available locally, looks like online is going to be the way to go. However, as popular as these things seem to be, there's got to be a dealer someplace within driving distance. I find the internet has way more choices for after market parts. As far as OEM parts, I like the web for those also, even car parts.

You mentioned not having someone local to service the unit. I'm very cautious about letting people work on my stuff. I've been burned too many times. Buy a service manual if you can, it's the best way to go.

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Thanks Kenfain.....

Well, I had my neighbor take a look at the machine for me (I am out of state so I had him look). He said he disconnected the wiring from the fuel pump and turned the key and the fuse still blew. So, I am guessing the pump is ok, just as you suspected. Then he said he took out the relay and turned the key and again the fuse blew. So, are we right in assuming there is a dead short somewhere between the fuse and relay? Electical issues are such a pain.

Thanks for any insight.

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At this point, a wiring diagram could be helpful. But at the least, you should see about finding what the wire color, and the routing of the fuel pump hot wire. On a small machine that doesn't have a lot of electrical circuits, you could probably just look and see where it goes.

Doing the easy stuff first, carefully inspect the wiring bundle you've identified as belonging to the fuel pump circuit. I usually start by careful inspection of the exposed underside. Sticks and logs get kicked up on the trail, sometimes damaging the wires. Often the culprit is still hanging there, so be vigilant, it could save some time. If this quick inspection doesn't turn up obvious cuts or contusions, you'll have to inspect the whole bundle from key to pump. Check wires for physical damage. Check plugs, switches, relay, and don't forget the ignition switch itself.

If that doesn't locate the problem it's time to use an electrical tester of some type. I'll use both a test light, and a meter, set to the ohms scale. That's for testing continuity.

Your problem does sound like a dead short caused by a break in the insulation. These are typically fairly easy to spot. Sometimes all you can see is an un natural bend in the wiring bundle. Closer inspection reveals the break. In most cases it'll take less time to find the problem, than it took me to type it. Keep us posted on any progress!

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