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Wheel Bearing and Loctite update + CV grease

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I had a roller bearing fail, it sounded like I had rocks being crushed and ground,

When I took it apart, I found the Loctite I used did it's job excellently, I had to heat the outer race which was still firmly locked in place till I blued it with an acetylene torch and then drive it out with hammer and punch.

I didn't notice this problem until the second time I noticed the smell of brakes or clutch, maybe 100 Km. When i checked, my wheel was so hot, I couldn't touch it, trailer time!!! The bearing had allowed hub to tilt and it rubbed the brake pads rather hard and heated up, it was smoking when I stopped. The delay in noticing the problem allowed the hub to wear against the bearing and it created a slight ridge on the inner part of where the hum meets the bearing which I ground off being careful not to grind on the flat part where the bearing seats.

In the process of replacing bearing, when I pulled the outer CV, the axle, only, came with it, I exposed the outer CV joint and the grease around it appeared to have dried up, I added a bunch of new grease and it moved freely again in all directions.

I installed a used ball bearing that I had cleaned and grease and I'm up and running and have no wobble in either of my rear wheels.

I like the yellow loctite and I like roller bearings!!


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Well, it's already back together and running, the " used" one the was replaced by a roller bearing which was the first to be loctited into place, so I don't have any photos, sorry. The inner races of the ball bearing can be popped out which is what I did to clean them and re-grease them. When I come to wheel bearing, I believe in having spares on hand. It sure paid off to have saved the old ones and I was lucky that I had the correct seal.

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Still on my original wheel bearings. I have two roller bearings on hand... Just waiting.

Do you have the correct seals too.

Seal FB65X45X8
Seal FB65X42X8

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