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Team Buy CV Axle for Joyner 650 and other models

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Dear forum friends,

As we know Joyner has stopped producing 650 models. It will be harder and harder to get CV AXLE for 650.

I would like to start a team buy for the 650 cv axle, If we can collect 20 pieces, we can arrange production then.

Unit price will be USD148.00 delivered to door (order qty less than 4 pieces) and USD130.00 delivery to your door (order 4 pieces or more)

Any one who is interested, please send your order qty to me at [email protected]


By the end of February, if we can collect 20 pieces or more, then you can send me payment at my paypal account: [email protected]

Production will take one month. Once I receive the parts, I will send you the part by DHL to door.

Any comment, please let me know.

If you want CV AXLE for other model can also join this TEAM BUY. I will try to arrange production for.


Wish you all a nice Valentine's Day!

[email protected]


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Today is the last day of this team buy. Cost will be higher to buy this product saprately. But if there is demand, still can let me know. We will try our best to provide.

Currently, we have below CV Axles in warehouse in CA. These are available immediately.

D650. --- 650 Sand Spider Left Rear Axle; SV800. --- 800 Viper, SV1100 Left Drive Shaft; TR1100. Tr1100 Front Axle;

MV800. --- MV800 800 viper Left Drive Shaft; D650. --- 50 Sand Spider Right Propeller Shaft S800. --- 800 R2/R4 FRONT PROPELLER SHAFT

S800. ---800 R2,R4 REAR PROPELLERS SHAFT; DN250. --- DN250 AXLE SHAFT; N650. 800 MV 800 Viper RIGHT AXLE;

TR1100. TR1100 REAR PROPELLER SHAFT; S650. 650 Commando C2, C4 Left Front Axle; S650. 650 Commando C2, C4 Right Front Axle;

Any demand, please contact me at [email protected]

Best wishes

[email protected]


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We have the outer c/v joints.Comes complete boots clamps cage and balls and special grease.Best quality outer joint  928 344 2117 silverbulletmotorsports.net.

800 cc viper 1100 cc viper.More c/v axle parts coming.

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