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Cooling fan always on?

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New to the Joyner. Picked up an 07 1100 Sand Viper. Loving it. I'm a little confused though. Seems the cooling fan is always on. I have heard that it has 2 speeds, 60% and 100%. Kind of annoying realistically. One, it's right behind my ear. Thinking about moving it but my performance mind tells me that it really should only come on when the motor arrives at or above set temperature. That's where it is determined that it's running it's best, at said temperature.

Is there a mod that can be done to solve this or is it just what it is. Looking at the wiring diagrams is a bit confusing. One showed me that the fan relay was powered by the fuel pump relay which obviously has to be on, meaning the fan is always on as well. Another shows differently but I'm not an electrical guru. I am very handy and know my way around motors, been doing MC mechanic and auto stuff practically my whole life but this one is a bit wierd.

Did find out that, lol, they were a bit upside down in their shift pattern in certain years. I know there's a fix, which I will do, but never before have I seen 1st gear left and back, except the three on the tree days.

Thanks in advance for your help folks

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agreed with always on,you could put in a manual over ride switch and turn on as you feel/monitor is needed (forget and ...) install a temp switch and have it turn on/off thru a new relay automatically...or once you are driving it hard,you will be so busy you will barely notice it is on...Hardy

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You are correct about fuel pump relay feeds fan relay and always on in stock set up, you could break the wire to the fan relay and put a controller in line there, but it would have to be really really annoying for me to do that, and where are you going to pick up the temperature to turn on the fan?

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On mine, 07, the fan is right behind the seat. On 2010 it's down behind the motor where the tank used to be as they redesigned the tank to fit behind the seat. That's really quiet but IMO in too dirty a location. And the newer models they are back on top aft of the motor sort of angled with the spoiler/toolbox.

The temp sensor, right by the thermostat, has 3 wires. 2 are used to control the temperature gage. The other is used to turn on the Coolant Temperature Light when it's above 102 C.(215F). If the relay were inline with the light signal it should work shouldn't it? You already have a gage, having a gage and a light is a bit overkill but a good overkill. I was just thinking to use this to control the relay that's already there.

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I wouldnt try to use the stock relay,or stock light sender...when the light comes on is kinda too late for fan..there are senders that sense off your rad,your coolant hose,or at cylinder head...or install a sender in a T at head or rad..I would use that to trigger new a relay not tied to factory fuse panel ...Hardy

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