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2008 Joyner Trooper T2- Won't Start!

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Have owned my Trooper T2 for over 3yrs now & haven't had much trouble! Went riding last weekend, everything ran fine, went to bed & when I woke-up the next morning it refused to start:-( Fuel Pump is working, Plugs are good,all Lights, Fan, & Winch work, just won't fire-up!

Checked all fuses & relays & they are fine as well!

Any ideas what I could be causing this?

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that happened to me once had a bad ground at the starter and also the ring shank were the wire crimps in to bolt to stater had gotten weak

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Will it start if you push it, & if so, will it start up after it warms up and keep starting until it cools way down? This, IMHO, indicates that your compression is down.

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It won't push start. The Starter is running as it should & Fuel Pump is working. Pressure is within normal range. It seems like it's not getting fire, but I checked all the Plugs, which are less than 3 months old, & they were fine!

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Hey Im having the same problem on my rig. I just rebuild my engine from the head gasket up and it ran fine the day I finished putting it back together. But it's been a week since It started last and it won't run at all. In thinking we may have the same problem. Any thoughts? Did you get your rig running again?

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Wiggle, unplug and replug every connector, sounds like something may be loose, even thing that are plugged properly don't make good connection after some time and need to be separated and rejoined to clean the contact surface and make good connection. This includes relays and fuses. As you pull relays, look at the blades to see if there is any discoloring or signs of heat and look at the socket where the relay plugs into.

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I actually just got it running last night. The MAS was super packed with dirt and grease from before I did my rebuild and my cam positioning sensor had grease all over it. Then I just bumped up my fuel pressure and hooked it up to my truck since I have a dead battery and she started right up. But thank you very much for all your help. Reading this forum and a few others helped me find my problem.

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