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2015 Massimo 250 gunner is a POS

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I purchased a 2015 Massimo 250 Gunner and it lasted one day. After we drove it a few miles it made a horrible sound. It sounded like the chain was slipping. I thought OK, I'll put it on some ramps and tighten the chain. Well, the stupid thing didn't have the power to climb the ramps (see picture). Now its stuck halfway up the ramps and locked in reverse. When I try to pop it out of reverse the top of the gear shift flew off. What a joke. It stoned cold locked in reverse.

Do not buy one of these!!!!

Luckily the dealer had not cashed my check yet. So I was able to stop payment. Truthfully I feel sorry for the dealer because he was really nice..


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I can totally understand your frustration, believe me. But I bought the brother to the the Hisun Strike 250 and have had nothing but good times. Great no, but lots of fun times. You have to remember every manufacture has good and bad products. This goes for cars and trucks as well. I have heard of Honda Accords breaking down the day they were bought, and don't forget the bug money name brands $25k plus UTV's out there burning down in the dunes just after a few days or weeks. I do not work for Hisun, nor am I getting any kind of benefit from this. This is just my 2 cents. I have owned over 50 different makes and models of motorcycles, UTV's and ATV's. I knew going into this purchase that it was a Chinese version, but bang for the buck, It just couldn't be beat. I took it home and from the start I took it down to the chassis. I found a lot of loose nuts and bolts. I also found a lot of things I thought the factory should have done differently, like route the wiring in places and so forth. What this did was make me very aware of the shortcomings of this unit, and accept them. It also made me aware of what this unit was capable of once it was properly maintained. After going over the entire unit, we have had pretty much trouble free fun with every outing. I have replaced many bolts with higher quality ones, and made some mods that I knew to improve the performance and operation of the unit. I think your unit had a big quality control issue from the factory, and it was not the fault of the dealer like you said. The units come pretty much assembled less wheels and a few bolt on items. The dealer un-crates the unit, bolts on the items and fires it up. I believe you might have had a linkage issue or perhaps a clutch issue. Both of which are repairable, but in your situation I can understand the frustration. Keep in mind as well, all off road makes and models have very limited warranty due to the harsh conditions they are ridden in. This is no excuse for how yours ran at all, and it should have given you some fun prior to crapping out. I hope you were able to find something that your young ones enjoy and are pleased with it. With any make, keep up the maintenance and you will have endless weekends of fun for the family. Matt

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With my unit, I am able to drive it into my dually with my 200 lbs fat but in it up the ramps, it did struggle, but it made it up the ramps into my truck under its own power. Sorry again to hear about yours.


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