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2009 T2 loosing power

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Hello everyone My username is Hopper I am new to this site and I was wondering if any of you could help me with a issue I had last ride.

I had just moved my radiator up to the back box and replaced my starter on a test run it was running really well than

all of a sudden it was like the key was shut off so I checked all the basic functions and could not get it to flash up.

When I got back to my shop I had a look at the fuel system and was producing 50 # and had fue up to the fuel rail

also checked coil for power and there was power at coil plug.

A riding buddy had a T2 there that was in good running condition and I was able to swap out a few parts off to test

On my T2 here is what I swapped out to check ECU unit, cam sensor,crank sensor, coil and had no luck getting it to

start up I also pulled the plugs and they were dry and had no spark.

I am not a mechanic but can figure most things out but this one has me confused if any of you have any input It would

be appreciated. I am impressed with alot of the topics and knowledge that I have seen on the topics great site!


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You need to check the wiring harness.We have some problems with wiring harness. The plugs the pins push out when you plug them together.Joyners don't like to go in deep water.Start the process 1Start with each wire and trace it ti the computer.And keep going till every wire is tested on the engine harness.At least you had some parts to test with.

Thanks Matt.

If you need any help call 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm ca..time 928 344 2117

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