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800 Joyner engine Gage's don't work

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All Gage's except the speedometer and tachometer.  I do understand that these two Gage's are fed from the computer and the rest from sending units.  For the engine oil pressure, engine temperature, alternator, and fuel Gage's, I have checked fuses, sending units and wiring harnesses for loose or broken wires, and have even changed out one of the Gage's but nothing has changed.  I have read forums and have not been able to gather any information to assist me.  Any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I have a Renegade but the wiring is probably close to the same.  Take a close look at your speedometer and tachometer connections.  There's one wire that goes to all of  your gauges including the speedometer and tachometer.  A break in the wire at one of those two (speed or tach) will interrupt the power going to the rest of the gauges.  That's the only thing common to all of your gauges (other than the fuse which you said   is good).  I should ask if your warning lights work.  They are powered from that same wire.  If they don't operate, then I'm leaning to a bad connection at the speed or tachometer.

Trooper Wiring.jpg

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