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Car batteries on hisun 800


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Hi i am new to the utv world (i am an automotive thech in off-road performance on jeep and Dodge for 13 years that have decided to retire from the 4x4 world and play whit something smaller :) )

The big problems i see whit the hisun is a cooling fan issue that eat so much amp that the generator cant keep the batteries charge (i have the dual cooling system and whit 2 fans on it goes under 10 volts if you run at low speed that cause after few hours to run out of batteries. Batteries not have the amp to hold enough charge to push the fan at the best performance and generator cannot hold the OEM fan when the batteries is not enough charged (overheat issue was caused by that) an other problem that is a batteries issue was the starter itself it need more amp than the batteries have so the slow crancking is caused by that.

When i worked on cf moto and odess utv i noticed that cf moto add the same starting issues due to the same problem too small batteries but odess use a honda civic batteries to make it work just fine (fans runs no more than 2 minutes instead of cf moto and hisun that the fans runs mostly all of the time) so i know that the batteries is a 12 volt u1 or u11 batteries so if i want to put a 1095cca batteries or a yellow top optima batteries on a custom case does the elictrical system will be able to handle a batteries that have 300-400% more ca than the small batteries or not (i know that the light will be more brighter i already replace the flasher/stop bulb factory instaled for a full l.e.d. bulb and socket hehe ).

I know some people have done that on old 6 volt system atv whit no problem at all but i just want to make sure i will not frie the whole electrical system whit a bigger batteries hehe i will place some maxi fuse on the main relais and fuse system but not on the starter 

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The generator coil is pretty good ,the starter itself need 2 time the amp of the batteries to make it work just fine. I can confirm you that the starter itself will never frie as long as you not try to jump start it whit a 24 volt batteries hehe and its a 12 volt starter its more damagable for the starter to run whit not enough amp than more(he cant take more amp than it need himself)maybe the power cable of the starter will have to be upgraded but not a big deal to this side. My biggest concern was about all the rest . Do the voltage regulator will like to have a batteries of 800 + cca. The whole system itself will be able to handle that?  I tried to contact hisun but after 1 month they will never answer me hehe 

I know alot in the automotive but not so much in utv and atv so any good answer are welcome :)

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So here the new i did the honda civic batteries to the system and it solve all trouble. Plenty of amp for starting,utv now stay between 12.5 and 14 volt while dual fan and light is on ,the honda civic batteries almost fit in the OEM batterie box but i prefered to keep the original one connected to the other batterie,i placed it in the back but when i have time i will make a new batterie box to put in 2 honda Civic batteries or just a 1095cca batteries at the Factory place.

Fan now run less and really cool the coolant in the cooling system ,they have the required amperage to make it perform as it suposed to be . I have rewired the starter whit top quality wire and top quality connector so now it start quite fast(old wire was inside corrosion)

The charging system work really well now they keep batterie between 12.4 and 13.3 volt when all electric is working instead of before so make this mod if you can.

Something i noticed is that the exhaust system i not more glowing hard red when running what is quite really good because when the batteries come low due to the overcharge on the electrical system the performance was decreasing due to the lack of amperage and voltage to make good read from the sensor and keep the fuel pump running at the psi it supose to be running i am now able to race against against brute force 750 and renegade 800 on gravel road hehe 😁 and its a fully bone stock unit ,no mods at all ecxept batterie upgrade



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On 06/10/2017 at 5:22 PM, Travis said:


I noticed you didn't say who wins the race against the Brute force, and Polaris?  

Against the brute it launch faster than my utv but around 65kph i close the gap and pass in front at around 100kph

Against the renegade  i stay behind but not by so much distances

And against the Polaris on 27" tire it was neck and neck whit my utv until we Reach 30kph and leave it in the dust

In deep mud my utv on OEM 25" tire have beated all ecxept the renegade but its okay i was pulled only one time for the entire day

One of the 4 brute force got big electrical issue and 2 brake an axle in the marsh

For a chinese product all guys as been quite impressed on the overall performance and reliability of it for the price

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Stay as far away from this company as you can,  fit and finish nice but I bought a truck load and every single machine failed in the first 5 miles and took months to get parts. 5 out of 5 generators failed as well! They set up dealers just to get rid of inventory.  old inventory goes to the auction house and drives the value down,  Nada wont ever put a resale value on their website.  They do not support dealers, I finally got my last one to the auction house and the throttle cable broke on it way to the selling line!

like throwing money away doing business with these folks... Run away as fast as you can! or just send me the cash!

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One responder said that high cranking amps (CA) might possibly fry the starter.  It won't.  A starter will use whatever amps it is designed to draw to start the engine under normal conditions.  The battery makes available that current up to its capacity.  The battery doesn't force the starter to take all 800 amps.  It's just that a battery with a high CA will take longer to recharge and an alternator on a UTV/ATV would have to run several hours to recharge one of those batteries that has been discharged.  Although CA isn't specified in this way, you can think of the CA as an undefined limit as to how many times you can start the engine before it is discharged to the point that it won't turn over the engine.  An 800 CA battery will work longer than a 80 CA battery (not necessarily 10x longer).  A big engine will need a high CA battery vs a small UTV/ATV engine.  Alternators on UTV/ATV are low capacity.  Too many electronics and lights may take away the alternator's ability to recharge the battery in a reasonable time.

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Just to complete your post the most important thing on a batteries its de cca not in north america .after several test whit the replace of the oem batteries i never put the utv on charge anymore. Charging system cant support the OEM fan and starter (fan require 90 amp to run corectly minimum and start draw 180 amp to start perfectly) when you have lights on whit the fan starting on the oem batteries it draw too much amp than what the charging system can give (25 amp) . odes use the honda civic batterie for they're unit and it run really well. 

Just by doing the batteries upgrade,fans wont stay on for a long period 2 minutes max now. On my utv i got factory installed the second rad and fan upgrade and i not run anymore the secondary fan its useless. I have do the batteries upgrade on many nordik,hisun,motobishi and old cf moto curently and on 35 unit only 3 have still keep the over heat issue . most of them they not need to keep in charge when is at home . we see some difference on the performance aswell. .

So doing this mod is a good move . the charging system are able to keep it charge because fan run less longer and the batterie have enough amp to respond to the request of the starter 

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Ok so i just got a 2011 800 massimo... and just put in a new rad.... and looking add  2 fans and add stock under the drivers seat... heard it helps your ass not burn  off.... so your running 1 civic batt or 2 ? Do you have a part number and a part number on your fans? For a temp gauge  add it  in the rad or at the engine  thanks

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