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How do i put pictures on this site. I have a blackberry (boy is that a joke) I figured out how to take pictures and email them to myself. (that was a huge acomplisment) Please help.

I think this site limits how many photos you can have, 500K, so I opened a free account at webshots and posted my pictures there, then you can copy the code to post to forum and paste it into you post. that's what I did on the snorkel post. You can also upload videos to the webshots and post them also. I'm sure there are other place to put photo and some charge, such as smug mug.

PS. Holler if you need help.


PPS. As you will notice on 4X4X454's photo in the next post, his photo is small as required by this site, if you put your photo on webshots, we get to see the full size of it. My photos: 2693269490104110397IXgdmd_th.jpg and you get to see the rest also.

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Click on ADD REPLY below the box you type in is a little square that says browse click on this it will take you back to your pics on your computer then you need to pick one and double click on the one you want you will then click the upload box in the lower left corner below were you are typing if it is the right size that is it. If it is to big go to photo shop if you have it on your computer there is a place to resize in there.

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Here's another place to go see Trooper related pictures.


If you want to display a photo, go to the site (this is webshot.com that I am dealing with), click on the photo you want to display, look below the photo on the right 2602607870104282158gVvNEf_th.jpg Click on the indicated icon 2607638010104282158LJgLeP_th.jpg click on icon indicated, copy and paste into your reply.

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