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Trooper seats


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Is there a seat that anyone knows of for the Trooper that reclines. I also think I will be looking into lowering the seat a little I have bad knees and they get really sore after about an hour. I just cant seam to stop and get out its just to fun. In my other buggy the seats are closer to the floor and recline and I don't seam to get as sore as fast.

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Is there a seat that anyone knows of for the Trooper that reclines. I also think I will be looking into lowering the seat a little I have bad knees and they get really sore after about an hour. I just cant seam to stop and get out its just to fun. In my other buggy the seats are closer to the floor and recline and I don't seam to get as sore as fast.

here's another one of my silly questions, could an upholstery shop redo the seats and make them recline? OK perhaps I watch to many make over shows (LOL)

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I am really wanting to take the hak saw to the trooper. you can lean and move the seats back and down by redoing the frame-work, also i want to change the cage and move the suspension points lower, Ijust have to find the time and quit day-dreaning about it. You do kinda sit strait up in the trooper. Geter leaned back like a race car.

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I felt like my seats were too straight up so I put flat washers under the two front bolts of the adjustment track. It helped with a little more recline. If you want more, maybe you could replace the bolts with a longer bolts or use extensions on the existing bolts.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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4x4x454 I am not saying sit on the floor, putting the back of the seat down 1 " would do wonders. I will get the weights on our troopers. I think they would do even better if we sat back a little bit further than we do. get the weight off the frontend. Still trying to get a hold of the shock guy9Iwant to go see him but i keep getting off work to late.) since you are the flyer around here' how are the landing.

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If I clear the approach completely and land on the flat bottom of the ditch it bottoms out but its not violent like it can be in my other buggy. If I land on the down slope of the other side it is sooo nice. It just feels like landing on a feather. The difference is about 3-4' more drop to the bottom of the ditch.

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