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Has anyone come up with a lug wrench that will fit inside the holes on the trooper wheels? I am currently using a 3/8 drive socket with a breaker bar but am afraid that one day I will end up snapping the drive off of the breaker bar trying to loosen the lug nuts. :unsure:

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Has anyone come up with a lug wrench that will fit inside the holes on the trooper wheels? I am currently using a 3/8 drive socket with a breaker bar but am afraid that one day I will end up snapping the drive off of the breaker bar trying to loosen the lug nuts. :unsure:


Look to the left of this photo at my lug wrench,

Here's what I have for a lug wrench, I cut the head off a regular lug wrench and ground it down square, tapped the 18 mm 1/2" drive socket onto the lug wrench, with lots of JB Weld to fill in all the spaces. Of course, you could weld it on and you could even buy a deep socket or an impact socket. :rolleyes:

Also, If your worried about breaking a breaker bar, how tight are you putting you lug nuts on? I started using torque wrench to put my lug nuts on with and stop when the needle points to about 100 ft. lb. I was out one time and had a flat and NO JACK OR TIRE IRON, but some guy in a Jeep had a star wrench that fit, :rolleyes: and the lug nut holding the spare on was so tight that a healthy teen couldn't undo it, they had to hit the wrench with an axe to undo it. That when I started using a torque wrench.

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I agree. I should start using a torque wrench. I have always been able to feel for tightness by hand but It seems that the lugs on the trooper lock themselves down. I was just wondering if there was a star wrench out there with thin walls that would fit the low profile of todays lug nut holes. I also coulduse one for my truck as well becase I have to use a socket and breaker bar for its wheels do to low pro holes. Thanks for the input.

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Went looking for a replacement 18mm 1/2" drive Craftsman socket last night and they were out. I got to looking at my odd ball sockets and noticed that an 11/16 socket fits a little tighter than the 18mm, maybe too tight, and the one I found was a deep 6 sided socket, so I KNOCKED the craftsman off and put it back in it's place in my tool box and welded the 11/16 deep onto my lug wrench. I also put the 11" rear up on top for a spare, I couldn't get the lug nuts to catch so I put a cinch strap around it to hold it on and it pulled the tire down enough to where I could get the lug nuts on and it pulled down to where it seated properly, left the strap on anyway.

I did have to clean up a few lug nuts that got messed up by an air impact wrench or wrong size socket on an air wrennch, SO, I have decided that I will not allow the use of air wrenches on my equipment ever again, I've had too many times where I was out and couldn't get the nuts off because of them, I will also torque all my lug nuts, trooper, car, truck my self.

What are you using for a jack, everyone?

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Yea, I know, I don't plan on having these new tire fail like those Far East tires did and if a front tire does go down, I'll have to move a rear tire forward and put the spare on the rear. A little more work, but at least I have a spare. :rolleyes:

What are you doing up so late? I think I'm an insomniac :wacko: , what's your excuse? :lol:

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