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Hisun Sector E1

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We're all electric at our hunting camp and I'm looking at an E1 to replace my Ranger EV.  Anybody got any experience with these UTV's out there?

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I have an E1 and am happy with it. Very quiet. No gas, oil, filters, plugs, etc to worry about. I just plug it in once a week. I have installed a radio and an LED light bar.  It has more power than you will ever need.

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I have a Vector E1 (as they're called in the UK), and it's good, but I can't wholeheartedly recommend them. They're underpowered and mine certainly struggles on the hills around where I live (Fife, Scotland, so hills, not mountains). One particularly annoying thing is that after about four or five miles of use, the slightest hill has the screen throwing up a 'low voltage' error as the batteries can't seem to supply enough power. After about ten miles it just gives up altogether, even though the battery charge indicator on  the dash is showing full or one bar off full. It's been back to the dealer twice, and had the whole battery array replaced, but it still does it. Now waiting for advice from the UK importers before it goes back a third time.

It's also go more grease points than is entirely reasonable, and is quite difficult to clean effectively if it gets muddy. The lack of front mudguards means it throws mud (and cowpats - this is a livestock farm!) at you. I've asked about the full cab kit for it, but have yet to be given a price let alone availability. Meantime some DIY rubber mudflaps help, but why not an option to start with?

On the plus side, it's wonderfully quiet and does pretty much everything I need it to do - when it works!

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