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2009 Joyner Renegade Front lower ball joints


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  • Alex changed the title to 2009 Joyner Renegade Front lower ball joints

Bought mooseracing ball joints from Pratville powersports . Part #0430-0664 because they said they would fit. Guess what, negative.  I installed all 4 without putting the spindles back on over the B J studs. (archery season here in Pa.) The ball joints fit perfect in the a-arms, but the next day when I tried finishing the job is when I noticed the diameter of the stud on these parts are bigger than factory. Ordered factory joints from Joyner USA. Guess I"ll be dragging a bid ol buck this year. Not happy, but I should have done a better job comparing the new against the old.

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That's the problem with buying online.  You're at the mercy of what the seller says.  They are sales people, not mechanics.  You can't take your used part and compare it to the so-called replacement part.  Let me know how it works for you with Joyner USA.  I ordered two rims and tires and will pick them up Fri (they're local to me - 35 mi).  Jake said he has them in stock.  He had two headlighs that I needed earlier this year.  So far, I'm batting 1000 with him.

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