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2013 Massimo MSU 500 no spark


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Well that's not a real great way to diagnose a spark.  There is an inexpensive tester that plugs inline and has a light.  You should use one of those instead.  That way the plug stays in the engine and has a chance to operate in normal conditions with respect to electrical ground and compression.  

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Also, you can troubleshoot the coil with a simple multimeter.  It will be right upstream of the spark plug.  Read the primary side and the secondary side (spark plug side is the secondary).  You will have a resistance value on each side.  If either side reads open or infinite, the problem is a burned out coil.  

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Nate sir. I  relaced the coil with a new one so I  know it not that. I have checked for spark that way for many years. It may not be the best but it does work. I also replaced the ecu with a new one so i know the problem lies elsewhere.  Just trying to figure hete to start next.

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