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Neil Wilson

2008 Trooper Oil Pressure sensor look like Renegade

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I bought a new oil pressure sending unit for my 2008 Trooper T2 (see first picture attached). When I went to install it I found out the sensor on my machine looks like the sensor for a Renegade (see second picture attached). Has anyone ever seen this? I know this is not a retro fit since because the threaded tube that connects it to the engine is a much smaller diameter than the stock part.

What is the proper part number for the unit so I can get a replacement?



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The first image is for CARS that use the Chery engine.  They are wired for the warning light only.


Amazon has a VDO 360 025 Oil Pressure Sending has a range of 0-150 psi.  If your gauge goes from 0-150 psi, this is the one that should work.  It will operate the analog gauge and warning light.


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Strange. The part number in the parts manual is for the first one.

How did you find the Amazon part? Is there a part number for the Chery engine? I would rather buy one from China since parts are usually are about 5-10x cheaper.

Anyway I appreciate your help on the forum Dan.

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I went to Amazon and searched for "VDO Oil Pressure Sending Unit".  This one is used for gauges that displays pressures from 0-150psi.  I don't have a parts manual so I can't compare them.  Amazon does list one from China but it's not available and they don't know if or when it will become available again.  After further searching, I found others on Amazon for around $20.  It's for a diesel generator but the specs and brand are the same as for the one I showed you.  They are VDO brands but don't carry the VDO part numbers.

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