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Hey all, been member only a few days and I gotta say the feed back n help I’ve been having w my UTV have been outstanding!!!!!  Thanks to everyone. As for me I been a certified auto mechanic, lead tech and manager of a shop for bout 12 years. ( Certified and wrenching for bout 25)  now I know UTV’s are not cars the electric fuel injection systems n general mechanics are very similar. So I may have some knowledge to offer here as well. Had lots of dirt bikes quads and street bikes for along time n always did my own repairs for the most part. So if I can help anyone in any way please let me know!!!!  

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As another newbie here and a first time Massimo owner that had a Kawasaki Mule before, both of Asian persuasion , Not a lot like my first vehicle (A Ford 1930 Model "A") about the only things either of the UTVs had in common with the each other and the Ford is 4 wheels, a steering wheels and  run on gasoline.  A lot of learning required to keep the dirty side down and the shiny side up and still moving along.

Welcome to you.

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