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Side by side vs golf cart

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Good morning everybody.  Had a question hopefully some of y’all may be able to help with. Looking at buying a vehicle for use in the Bahamas. It’s a small island and 80% of the population gets around in a golf cart. Some folks do have cars though. I’ve been going back-and-forth between a golf cart and a side-by-side like a Polaris Ranger or Kawasaki Mule six seater.  

Reason I’m leaning towards a side-by-side is that without a car, I need to be able to haul fishing gear, luggage, and whatever else. Also may use it pull a small boat trailer.  Need to carry 4-6 passengers. 

Driving would be 100% on pavement. I don’t need to be able to go off roading at all.

Durability is paramount as there’s no practical way to bring it into a dealer for service or warranty work. This particular island does have excellent infrastructure and access to good mechanics. 

Higher speeds of a side-by-side versus a golf cart is a big plus as well.

While importing a car is technically an option, the cost  increases substantially on the import duty.

The question is,  side-by-side or golf cart?



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42 minutes ago, Travis said:

Go with the side by side... I've never seen anyone tow anything with a golf cart. plus parts may be more available in your area for a SxS.

For sure towing would be out with golf cart.  Towing need would be minimal though. If it came down to it, could get someone else to launch/retrieve the boat.  

Re the parts, I would think golf cart stuff would be  easier to source locally since there are really no SxS that I’ve seen but an island full of golf carts. Whatever I buy, I would likely bring down some of the routine maintenance items to have on hand.  Shipping  parts isn’t a big deal other than downtime.

Think you’re right though on side-by-side being a better call.  Just wanted to be sure that it fits the most often use of driving a bunch of people around  

thanks for the reply





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I own both.  I have towed stuff with my golf cart.  Its an ezgo.  Big tires.  More like a Cushman with a dump body.  A golf cart is nicer to ride, quieter, easy to jump in and out of.  The trailer hitch is welded to the frame.

The side by side is noisy,  More for serious riding or plowing snow, hauling some firewood...  Its not a leisurely ride.


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I play golf.  At my local golf course, they use electric golf carts to pull a chain of about 8 electric golf carts to the club house.  Sure it's a short distance, but it's still a heavy load.  I would think a SxS would be a better option - some can carry 4 or 6 passengers.  Maintenance and gas would need to be evaluated as to availablility.  What would the import duty be if you brought your own ride vs in-country purchase?  Would it be comparable to an air-conditioned car?

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Import duty + fees on cars approaches 80-100% of the value of the vehicle.  Closer to 50% on vehicles with less than 1000 cc.  Can certainly buy a golf cart there but will be expensive.  Everyone uses gas golf carts because duty on batteries is a lot and electricity is expensive.  Plus gas is more durable in that environment.   Leaning towards SXS for a number of reasons.  Top end speed vs 6 seater golf cart is significant. 

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