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TROOPER all over the Rhino

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Well I took my first trip with the Trooper and it was great. The group we were with all had rhino's and they were well impressed. I walked all over the stock rhino's and also pulled away from the long travel ones with exhaust and cdi boxes. I was running thru the wash beds in 4th and 5th pinned, taking it thru woops and over rocky areas. Also did hill climbing and some single track riding . thing. I did crack 2 Itp SS alloy wheels but they have a lifetime warr. and will getting new ones sent outr. A few of the rhino guys were saying they wished they had bought the trooper. I really drove the hell out of it probally harder than most would

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Don't be getting yourself into trouble with that hot rod you have, Its not a bad idea to check the nut and bolts after you run hard the first few times. Don't show them rhynos up to much because we all end up needing some help at one time or another. I have had some good times with my buddys, its a blast ha

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I have got some video footage of my Trooper going up a very steep heavily rutted track that would make anyone a bit nervous attempting to go up for the 1st time and it was just a walk in the park so went back the next week when it was raining to give it a decent test in the mud. Again I got a video of it and although this was more of a test, the Trooper got up no worries. A couple of Jap 4x4s didn't get very far up and had to back down. Having said that, all vehicles have their limits EVR JR it's just you will have to go a long way to find yours.

Cheers Mike.

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