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Baby Yet?

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MegZ Enthusiast
MegZ how are you doing?

Cinda :)

I AM A MOMMY!!!!! I posted another with a couple pics and all her info:) yahhh im finally a mom!!!!!!!

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    • By nocturnalsixer
      Just thought i'd share my video with you guys
      Its bone stock expect for exhaust mod it was done with rear end locked.
      I'm trashing my tires to get new outlaw radial on

    • By Team Farm
      Hi guys glad I could finally join here. Great site, looked thru lots of topics--lot of good info !!
      Im from eastern Wa. (state) run my own farm, got five sons & we love getting dirty (playing in the dirt).
      Got us off of the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers & into the smaller dune buggys, my kids are safer strapped in and roll bar protected.
      Kids & the wife love these toys (dad too), anybody who cant hav fun in these--simply must have no heart beat
      Weve got my sons Viper650 (i bought off Devil Dog earlier this summer, thanks DD love this thing!!) torn down to the block in the shop.

      Been working with Jose at Silver Bullet and have ordered "the 650 upgrade kit" friday

      (10.75:1 Ross pistons/rings/rod bearings etc, with the 'torque specific' cam)
      Also ordered new con rods, & crank. much yet to get ordered valves/seals/springs and retainers, & gaskets etc.
      At least now I can soon get the machine shop started...
      Planning a line bore, ring end gapping & probably have him shot peen & beam polish the new rods (for a potential; future, small eng nitrous settup). Im gonna port & polish the cylinder intake & exhaust, got a new better flow intake for the older mdl FF Webber 40DCOE carb. The crank will remain stock but, I am thinking of shaving the flywheel down just a lit'l (5-8% of total wt).
      Im a decent farm mech & jack of many trades (expert at none), done a bit of V8 internal work (bac in the day) but most of my eng work experience is in JD tractors--so i may need sum help incouragement & 'correcting' along the way
      Tj (my youngest) & I are Really Pumped about this build project and its possibilitys !!
      Anyways, to the point...
      Jose said he wasnt aware of any dyno test on this mod, & didnt want to speculate as to the Hp gains, But...
      told me some one on the UTV forum had done Silver Bullets piston & cam kit on a Sand Spider 650 already & posted of his build, and outcome. Havent been here long and even came close to reading all (lots of great stuff here), but havent found info on this build yet. Seems I keep getting side tracked on threads like the supercharger topic & such Any help finding this thread would be awesome & any advice suggestions and input you guys may have for me would be greatly appreciated.
      Ive been told this kit alone, could potentially add 20 extra Hp off the flywheel ?
      Thankx in advance for any help & input
    • By rocmoc
      The motorhome is all ready. I am working on my trailer. Decided to take my longer trailer, with dirtbike if enough room, and having to do some mods to handle the Trooper. It is narrower than the race trailer so I'm having to put the stock tires & wheels on the Trooper to load. Kind of like hauling a monster truck where they take off the huge tires in transport and put them back on when they arrive at their adventure location, LOL. Trooper is basically ready. Leaving the dirt on the body and cleaning just the air cleaner & windshield.
      rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
    • By rocmoc
      We will be traveling to So. Cal. in a couple of weeks and I am going into order / pickup my Fox Shocks with springs. I will take drawings of the geometry of the swing arms & mounts with the rear corner wieghts. Off-Road Warehouse's shock guy has a program he sticks the data in to help with the setup of the shock. I will post ALL of the info. I am only doing the rears at this time. Hopefully when I travel back in the fall I will be able to justify the fronts being purchased. Will have to remember I have moved the lower mount location so the complete setup will not be of value to everyone.
      rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
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