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my trooper doing donuts video

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It must be something to do with all the flat land, come get cured in the mountains of Utah :lol:

Lol its actually mostly rolling hills around here but yeah no atv park want the trooper anywhere near there, i learned the hard way. I love going mudding and crawling and trails all that fun stuff

But i do really want to come out to Colorado and Utah to explore the parks, and trails also possibly Tuttle park, KS it just take lot of convincing my wife to agree to the trip and come along as well.

When i mentioned Utah to her she said "YOU ARE NUTS, We drive all way out there to just drive your buggy there?"


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I grew up in Kansas which is the closest thing you will find next to Iowa. There is no comparison of the mid-west to Utah. Ya got to go. Ya go once and you WILL return for more. Come to the Jamboree which I think is going to be in Southern Utah next. Then your wife will have someone to enjoy the time in UTAH with besides her big kid & she may come away with a different view of taking the Toy to UTAH. At least get to the West side of the Rockies. A whole different world and it isn't FLAT, LOL!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Thanks for the opportunity to show my wife the pictures she's convinced now haha pictures speak thousand words.

Ill have to figure out if i can come for jamboree when would that be?

Rocmoc, i have lots of family members in Kansas and Missouri and yes Kansas is almost same except Kansas got more pastures we got more crop fields.

I have been to salt lake city once but that was only dropping off a semi truck trailer back about 2001 i didn't get to do anything at all down there but its amazing there especially the thick fog in the morning i love good fog! We get lot of fog here too

O yeah world is flat! If we sail to the end of the world we will simply fall off the world into abyss of nothingness I'm glad we don't live in that age!

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