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quiet muffler


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I was just wondering if anyone has tried different mufflers? We have alot of hunters (including myself) in the area and everyone wants a quiet muffler for the Trooper and the Renegade. We were just going to get a couple of auto mufflers and slip on the back to see what it would sound like but if someone else has messed with this, it may save us some money or at least give us a place to start. Also wanted to say thanks for alot of info and imput from everyone.

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This has just been posted on another site:

I took a couple of pictures of my muffler set up. Send me an email message at [email protected] and I'll send them to anyone who wants them. The design and work was done by Chris Zinn a fellow Trooper owner in Tucson. He did a great job and we've had no trouble with either Trooper. The mufflers are from Joyner and were made for the 1100cc engine.


Apart from that there are several members here that have done just that even including leenanj that can help you with that so stand by for an overflow of info. If you go into the gallery or click on their names below , there are a couple of photos showing the upgrade. One from 4x4x454 and looks like rocmoc has done something too.

Cheers Mike

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