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T boss 410 not charging


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I Have a T-boss 410 that’s not charging. Put a new battery in it thinking that’s all it was and it still slowly just drains the battery while using. Only has 220 miles on it. My instinct tells me voltage regulator but wanted to see if anyone had any input before I order one. They seem to be expensive at $130 bucks. Any input appreciated.

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Well, pretty ticked.

stator is toast. Only has 220miles with no modifications whatsoever. Use it to commute 1/2 mile down the road so very easy use. 

massimo won’t stand behind it even though it’s less than a year since purchase and the miles. Should have bought something more reliable. Might see if I can trade In on a mule.....


I’m back up and running on my own dime, but for how long? It shouldn’t have done this in the 1st place.



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13 minutes ago, kenfain said:

Since you have it apart, so there's no service center needed. Maybe you could use the pictures, to convince the manufacturer to send just the needed parts? 

I tried. I sent them multiple pictures and asked for parts. They refused 


massimo service sucks

I even attempted to post a bad review on the 410 on Massimos website and it won’t take it.

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Condolences brother.. Massimo is the worst manufacturer on earth.. Absolute rip off company.. They wont fix any defect .. Mine broke on ITS VERY FIRST DAY with only ONE MILE on odometer .. They refused to pay repair shop.. and it was recommended on phone by  Company Rep in Dallas.   I tried to trade mine with less than 100 miles on it, on a new Honda Pioneer.... They refused to even consider Massimo.  Everyone should get together and SUE them 

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