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Anyboby heard from Flatbed

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Flat bed hasn't posted for quite a while. Does anybody know if everything is alright? I miss seeing his post. He is one of the real sharp people we have here and the forum benifits a lot from people like him.


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hi everyone, i have been very busy with work, My dad got real sick, to the point they called the family to Kingman Az because they thought he was not going to make it. He is doing alot better now. If you are old and you catch pneumonia you need to go to the doctor, if you don't your blood turns to poisn and shuts your body organs down. Thats like un pluging the spark plugs and pluging the exhaust, not good.

I have been spending alot of time working on my Model a ford, I cut the car in half from front to back, made the car 8" wider. channeled the car 4" built a custom frame that is also wider. It has a big block chevy with a 400 trans and a 9" rear-end. there is a car show at the end of may that i am trying to make.

I just ask the wife about the camping trip, i think it will depend how much i have done on the model a.

Just briefley read some of the topics on the board, one is power steeering, My model a has a big block with rack and pion steering, it turns fairly easy, we might just need a better rack and pion with a little different gearing, on fuel issues looking at the regulator tells you how much preasure is in the system at idle, if it is like mine you can not see it when you are driving. The best way to check is take the line off and make sure you have alot of flow. If the pump gets something in the suction screen it plugs the pump, you can still get preasure but no flow to keep preasure against the injectors.

there is a place in san diego called southland clutch. they can build any kind of clutch

you want, change pads and adjust spring preasure on the preasure plate

I will stay in touch alittle more now that family life is getting back to normal.

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Good to see you back flatbed, family always comes 1st, then work, then projects and after that time on the puta if there's any left, whoops I forgot time with the better half and the kids in-between. Keep posting about your Chevy Ford too if no body else minds.

Cheers Mike

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