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New Kawasaki Mule pro-MX poor mpg

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I bought a new Kawasaki Mule pro-MX a few months ago.  I've only put 45 miles on it (been using it around my 20 acres) but it has gone through 30 litres which works out around 7mpg (UK).  This seems extremely poor, as I've read some people getting about 200 miles to the tank.  It's been used occasionally to pull some heavyish loads but mainly chugging around the fields helping with maintenance or giving rides to kids.  My fields are flat/grass with no hard terrain anywhere.

Does anyone know why the mpg is so bad, and should it improve after its first service?

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Wow! That's just under 1 liter per mile.  You should see a LOT of black smoke out the exhaust of that 2-cyl engine and maybe a rough running engine.  If you had an external leak in the fuel system that would be a very noticeable leak.  Being new, I would first check for a leakkng injector.   You can search for "poor gas mileage" and it will give you a few things to check.

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Check your oil, since it is fuel injected make sure that gas is not going in to the oil.  if your fuel pump or if it has a carburetor either way is stuck on then the fuel is going somewhere most likely the crankcase on on the ground.  If it has a carburetor then your needle and seat are not set right and fuel is flowing out as you drive, if it is fuel injection then the fuel pump is running  too high of fuel pressure and the fuel is going into the engine's crankcase.  Check your oil level and make sure gas is not getting into your crankcase.

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