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    • Mine is an 05 diesel. The only light that lights up before starting is the oil pressure light. Of course yours could be different. I think they went to some kind of onboard computer system soon after mine was built, but I don't know when. So yours could be a completely different machine. 
    • Need some ideas. the "left main bearing" in the crankcase, where the shaft sticks out, where the flywheel mounts, in the crankcase  it has a non replaceable bearing. If it is wore too much, you have to replace the entire crankcase. Im going to measure it later, (from a visual it doesn't look too wore) but i was wondering if i could buy a ball bearing and put in it IF it is wore past the service limit?
    • 5.5 and some change according to google.
    • Going to try to measure the rotor clearences on the oil pump. manual says: (Use feeler gauge)  Standard: Less than 0.14 MM  Service Limit: 0.3 MM and i cant find a  0.14 mm feeler gauge.  ????? i think, if my math is correct it comes out to .005?  5 thou?