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UTV BOARD Support related questions. Help with using the features in this community.

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    • I checked the fuse and it is good to the fan . The machine is the same has the power max 700 rough rider.
    • Are there any fuses going to the fan .check online for wiring diagrams I have never heard of this UTV brand before.
    • My 700nk nordik is over heating  The cooling fan is not cutting in but checked it on a battery and it works. Also it went low on antifreeze but did not take any from full reserve tank.Ifilled it up but could not see a leak. So could I hook fan up direct?
    • I have a nordik 700 k that is over heating and it seems the cooling fan is not working but checked it on a battery and it works fine. When I got home the antifreeze was low but filled it up and see no leaks but noticed the reserve tank was full and it did not take any from it.
    • I noticed the battery post was melted when the pug wouldn't start... With the pug off, just placing the cable back onto the battery creates tremendous Heat with in 5 seconds or so... I had just taken off all the connections and clean them with a wire brush just a few months back...Including battery cables and wires for the starter solenoid.  Could this only be a short or bad connection or is there something else?..could the cells of the battery be doing this or maybe the rectifier/regulator? The rectifier from visual inspection doesn't seem to be melted or discolored!