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    • Going to try to measure the rotor clearences on the oil pump. manual says: (Use feeler gauge)  Standard: Less than 0.14 MM  Service Limit: 0.3 MM and i cant find a  0.14 mm feeler gauge.  ????? i think, if my math is correct it comes out to .005?  5 thou?
    • You've replace all the components that can cause loss of spark.  Is the gap between the pickup coil and the pulse rotor close?  Gap shouldn't be much more than the thickness of a business card.  I don't know if it is adjustable on your machine.  Check your ground connections.  Do you have battery voltages where they should be with the ignition switch on?  You may have to find a Hisun dealer.  I can only find general diagrams for CDI systems, nothing specific to your machine.
    • Plastic 55 gallon barrel works great. 
    • I have RZR 1000 parts for sale. If interested make offer, we can work out shipping later. Stock roll cage never rolled Stock seats orange  UMP air box Door sheet metal w DRAGON fire lower door add on.
    • I have many Polaris rzr 1000 parts for sale. Make offers, we will work out shipping. Roll cage never rolled Stock air box Ump air box Polaris Rear Bumper  Dragon fire lower door add ons.