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This is for all of you Renli Buggy, UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about Renli UTV specific topics including RL1100 and RL1500 models.

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    • Hi have a 2014 bighorn benchee 500 that I have been throwing money at trying to be able to get it going but at a dead end. It has been suggested that I find a code reader for it to help diagnosis it. Does anyone know where I can purchase one for this particular year model. Thanks. 
    • Thanks you may have a point. I felt like the shop I took it to had it fixed but after $600 more I found they didn’t. 
    • My opinion is, that it'll be far cheaper in the long run, to get the code reader now. Throwing parts at it, will only make you angrier. Last time I looked, the factory sold a code reader for these machines. It was several hundred dollars. But there are cheaper delphi readers available. You just need the right plug to connect it. Other forum members have done this. I'm sure that I read a thread, just in the last week or so, that named a specific brand reader as an affordable option. I think you should start a thread, to find out any information about the cheap Delphi code readers, that might work with your machine. It has to have the right plug, or it's useless till you get that specific plug in that matches yours.  Take that information, and go from there. 
    • Well the valves were checked and adjusted in the shop that worked on it. They had called said it was ready we loaded it by starting it and driving on trailer. Made half a loop around my yard parked it now it won’t start. If you try it after sitting it acts like it wants to start one time. U try it again nothing. Let it sit awhile it does same thing one time then nothing. I cakes the spark by one of these inline spark testers. It sparks big time. Almost acts like it’s not getting fuel. At my wits end. 

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