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  1. The dual rate set up, I posted couple with the stated valving makes for a great ride.
  2. I would like to apologize to anyone that may have been offended, by my language. Especially the author of this topic.
  3. Hey mother fucker take your flag and stick it up your ass! This is an off road vehicle forum.
  4. Are the upgrade kits used on front diff's as well as the rear? Greg
  5. Hey Rich, I left a message with my ph#. give me a call please. Thanks Greg
  6. Rich I will give you a call tomorrow for the specifics. Greg
  7. Thanks. I thought about making longer tie rods, just to get the pivot points closer to the a-arms pivot points. I'm not sure it would help since I wouldn't be able to line them up. Be interested in what you come up with.

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