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  1. What is the length of your shocks?
  2. I would like to apologize to anyone that may have been offended, by my language. Especially the author of this topic.
  3. Now we know where we stand.
  4. Hey mother fucker take your flag and stick it up your ass! This is an off road vehicle forum.
  5. I like that, nice.
  6. Are the upgrade kits used on front diff's as well as the rear? Greg
  7. Hey Rich, I left a message with my ph#. give me a call please. Thanks Greg
  8. Rich I will give you a call tomorrow for the specifics. Greg
  9. Will they have the "Lenny" upgrade?
  10. Do you still have the upgraded diffs?
  11. Thanks. I thought about making longer tie rods, just to get the pivot points closer to the a-arms pivot points. I'm not sure it would help since I wouldn't be able to line them up. Be interested in what you come up with.
  12. Okay 125lb is too light. 125lb felt really good in the choppy trails, but fast trails with small whoops and elevation changes bottomed the shocks easily. I figured since my shocks had a 7" stroke, the rod ends were binding the suspension. I put some cable ties on the shafts and found out I was using the full stroke. Once I got the buggy home I confirmed that this set up yields 10" of wheel travel, Mentioned in another thread by 2scoops. So I will run a dual rate setup. Just installed my new hardware. 150lb primary rate 250lb tender spring 400lb main spring
  13. Silverbullet I think that's great, I really do. I found FOA (in my own backyard) after I went through 2 sets of stock shocks, in less that 2 years. This was my Joyner 250. When I bought the second pair, it was out of frustration. At that time Buggy World and Fox were making a air shock for the 250, so I paid for a pair. Between Fox's holiday schedule, and Buggy World moving, 2 months passed with no shocks, so I asked for a refund. During the interim I started reading up on shocks, and decided i didn't want air shocks. However searching for a shock to bolt on turn up nada. So when I talked to FOA they were happy to oblige, they even machined the spring retainers so we could use the stock springs. Still only one other SV250 owner stepped up to buy a pair of rear shocks. If anyone can appreciate your effort it's me. Greg
  14. Hey Silver bullet. The 2.5" goes for $210 for the basic shock, about $260 with dual rate hardware, springs are additional. I have had good results with FOA, they are local, and they treat me well. I have 1pr of FOA shocks on each of my buggies(3), and for the Joyners they made the length shock I wanted. The information to rebuild the shock is on the website, so I've learned to service my shocks, and play with the tuning. I also have Fox, and Walker Evans shocks. They are better shocks, fit, finish, new technology, although getting information can be challenging. For instance I have a set of piggybacks on my single seat that need servicing. So far I only see one source for parts. The fore mention shocks are take offs or new, built for other off road vehicles. I will say Walker Evans was helpful so I've serviced their shocks. If you buy the off the shelf shocks the info is there, but there are a lot of good deals for rzr take offs that are adjustable, and they fit the rear of the Trooper. Get rid of the stock throw aways, for the same price get a serviceable FOA. more pics look at that nice Walker Evans piston.