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i have major wiring problems on my joyner trooper. i cant seem to figure out the problem. it is a 1100 cc. and the enjine starts and runs great. but the cooling fan will not run as well as all the gauges on the machine. it seems to be electricaly dead. the confusing part is that it is the enjine will run.

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I'm new to trooper, & not a mechanic.. But my fan quit, it blew fuse, engine still ran, just overheated some. Gauges "could" be same, don't know. Good place to start, ck,& replace fuse, clean all fuses connections,,

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Fuses are a good place to start. It's more then likely a fuse but check your relays too along with the connections. After first checking the fuses, with the engine running, trace through the wiring with a voltmeter. Start at the battery 12v+, to the relay and out of the relay to the fan. You should see 12v going to the fan. You won't if the engine is not running except for when the computer gives it a primeing few seconds to clear the lines when you first turn on the ignition. Pin 30 on the relay should have 12v comming to it direct from the battery. Pin 87 on the relay which gets 12v to it when the relay is activated, goes through a fuse and onto the fan motor. Pin 85 and 86 turn the relay on or off. one of those pins should have 12v coming to it from the ignition on circuit and the other one is hooked to pin 69 on the computer. Can't remember which is which. The computer grounds this wire to switch the relay on. The pin numbers are on the under side of the relay. unplug it and you will see them. If you plug the relay nearly all the way back in but leave a little room , you can get voltmeter probes to the pins to check for the 12v to the two places and if the relay activates when you ground either 85 or 86. Be sure you know which one to ground, one of them will be hooked to 12v through a fuse. When activated , pin 30 on the relay should have 12v coming to it and on to the fan motor. If you suspect the relay may be bad, just switch it with the headlight one and see if your problem goes away . Here is the sequense:

12v comes direct from battery through the main cutoff switch behind the seat and onto pin 30 on the relay,

12v also goes through a fuse then onto pin 85 or 86 of the relay,

check for 12v at the 2 pins (30 and 85 or 86) The key should be on for this but the engine doesn't need to be running.

When you have the engine running, there should be 12v at pin 87 which goes from there through a fuse then onto the fan motor.

if your not getting power on pin 87 the relay is either bad or not switching. you can turn the engine off now.

With the ignition on, connect a ground wire to either pin 85 or 86, the opposite one from the one with 12v going to it. The fan should run.

If the fan doesn't run, and the fuse is good and the connections to the fan are solid, the relay is bad.

if it does run then the computer isn't grounding pin 85 or 86. if that is the case then the computer has a problem.

If computer is faulty, don't replace but wire the relay grounding wire (85 or 86) to a switch and manually run fan rather then buying a new computer.

The dash lights also go through a relay and a fuse. Chect that circuit out the same way.

The sequense is the sme except the computer doesn't switch the relay but the ignition switch does.

Hope I'm remembering this correctly. Good luck, it doesn't sound serious.


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Welcome to the forum, Lots of good people here,

Please fill out your profile, maybe one of us live just around the corner from you, One problem I have seen is the fuse plug in gets hot and causes the fuse holding terminal to let go, same for relays. You may want to pull the fuse and relay boxes and look at the back sides of them. Also read the parts pieces and info post that is pinned to the first several posts and down load the wiring diagram, lots of info there.

Good luck,


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