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30" Tires on stock wheels


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I know some of you have put 31" tires on and have had to do some fender well modifications. Wondering if I go to a 30"X10X14 on stock wheels if I will have to do any fender well mods up front. Hoping to be able to just use stock wheels mount the tires and have no issues with it rubbing on the well. I know 28" tires will be fine but hoping to maybe get that extra 1 inch of ride height with a 30". I have a T-4 so I high center at times.

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I have same tires on black ss wheels the front is good I think (have modded fenders) no rubing but you will break the back fenders if you bottom out. Take them off and move them up on top of horizontal pipe right above them and remount and they will be good

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2scoops has these tires. http://www.superatv....l-P963C709.aspx

They also offer a 28.5

My only warning is that these tires are much heavier than stock, but any 6 ply 30" ATV tire will be. I believe the 30x10x14 were 10lbs heavier a piece per tire than the stock, and the 30x12x14 were 15lbs heavier. That is a siginificant difference mainly due to the stock tires being made of paper mache and recycled road tar. By the time I changed them out the stock tires had more tire plugs and slime in them than air. I added Silverbullets fuel controller and it offset any powerloss and them some.

The benefits:

I can run them at low ATV pressures 5-10psi. This will impove your offroad ride alot. I think the stock tires call for around 30 psi???

I haven't had a flat yet (desert & mountain trail riding)

Traction is awesome in all areas.

The 30" size allows me to roll over much bigger rocks & bumps with ease. This helps me maintain my momentum which is a huge benefit with at stick shift.

The ground clearance with 30" tires is much better.

The price was good.

Most importantly--they look badass

The cons:

They don't balance worth a damn. I had a little steering wheel shimmy before I added the powersteering kit (now there is none).

They wear quickly, but that is inherent of an ATV tire. I think these may wear slightly quicker because the rubber is pretty soft. BUT this is why they stick to the rocks so well.

Off the line acceleration is a slightly slower, but top speed is higher.

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I went with the Vision 15" rims with 30 inch BF Goodrich tires. I just got back today from the Baja 250 and the tires made a big difference for me. Since I have the T-4 also the extra lift is great. I did also add a better fuel pump. I was flying over pieces of the course today having a blast. Now more suspension here I come.

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