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And one more idle question...


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My T2 stopped idling today, but something else happened that I haven't found on any thread:

The RPM gauge was erratic. It seemed jerky at times, and this happened at the same time my idling went. As I returned home, sometimes the guage / idling worked fine, sometimes not.

Any ideas?

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Check all of your connections and unplug and replug all connectors including the main computer plug. Sounds like you could have a short some place. There are 2 things on the throttle body, the IAC and the Throttle position sensor. The throttle position sensor is hooked to the end of the shaft that goes thru the throttle body.which rotates when the gas pedal is pushed,


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Thanks again Lenny. I'll check all connections this Friday. I'm wracking my brains trying to think this through, especially because when the RPM gauge was acting weird the engine itself was revving fine except for the idle issue.

In other words, the RPM gauge wasn't reading the revs properly and it appeared that whatever was causing the issue was also affecting idle.

At the moment, it's working fine, which makes it near impossible to find.

On an internet search, I did find the IAC failure affecting the RPM and idle on a car, but the car was over-revving and there was little mentioned as to the cause.

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Well, so far I've installed a home-made manual 4x4 lever that I am happy with. Used a Diff lock lever assembly I bought from Lenny, a motorcycle cable, a slide I made from scratch and it works great.

The Idling issue has gone away for now and its humming fine, though I'm sure it'll return. The RPM gauge is also working fine. Still mystified. Haven't found any shorts either.

Braced the front end thanks to Kinarfi's thread, and am in the process of installing a new fusebox.

Also put in a 16" fan, installed a fuel pressure gauge, and a few other odds and ends.

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Look at it this way, these are really neat machines. However,Joyner we just have to sort of finish the manyfacturting process that Joyner failed to do. Joyner should always consult this forum before making any improvements or upgrades.


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I agree completely Lenny. I'm really happy with mine and don't regret my decision. For me, it's a work machine that allows me to go places every week that I did only by 2 day mountain bike rides / dirtbike / 3 day hike.

Now, we take 12 hours, and cover much more territory. Even though I go slowly, the heavy monsoon-created ruts on impossible trails beat the crap out of the T2, and yet I make it every week. I like working on machines, and I like riding them, and I sure get lots of both with this ;)

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I call it tinkering and love every minute of it. I live in a retirement community and seems everyone just sits around and doesn't do much of anything. Yah, they will go out and play golf once a week but its like they spent their life preparing for retirement so they didn't have to live anymore but sort of just exist. Gosh, i've gotten to the point that I am starting to realize that I don't have enough years yet to live to get all the things I want to accomplish done before I die. I'm 67 years old and plan on living to be at least 100, knock on wood. I don't plan on slowing down and will keep going for many years to come. Take things like my shop away from me where I spend most every day making and designing stuff, well, you might just as well shoot me and put me out of my missery. I have neighbors that think I'm nuts for not wanting to just sit around and be worthless. They just don't understand I guess. Look at Kinarfi, got himself busted up really good but won't let it stop him. Now thats determination to keep on going. Don't know If I could be that tough.


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I hear you. I'm nearing 50, and the slow degradation is inexorable. However, it would be much worse if I didn't bike every day. I know so many that, at my age, huff to climb a half dozen stairs and nearly have a coronary ascending one floor. I'll die one day, but I'd like to bike, live, enjoy wife and a myriad other things right up to that moment.

What happened to Kinarfi? Or are you referring to his T2?

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