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4 wheel drive actuator


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does anyone have a 4 wheel drive actuator laying around they want to get rid of?

mine fried it's motor and burned some the copper traces on the circuit board, so I plan to modify it to use FETs to control it. I have my son looking at his RC car motors to see if they'll work.



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Well this fix was fun, some of the traces on the circuit board were burned, the heavy ones that went from power in to the relay, so I did away with the relay and used FETs, the motor was fried so I ordered a new one, but it didn't have the half moon shaft and was longer and didn't have the same connection and while I waited for it to get here, I disassembled the old motor and rewound the armature, twice, the first, I matched what I took out, the second time, I added some extra turns, went from 31 to 45 turns which is supposed to give more torque and lower rpm. When I got it back together, it did sound slower. Anyway I fixed the old one and it is in and works. I suspect part of the reason for the failure is that the motor bearing got dry and seized or partially seized, the nylon end cap was melted a bit around the bearing. A new actuator is ~$160, Rocmoc has one for 135 and my repairs costs me 4 FETs and two resistors, the wire came from another motor I saved and I had fun playing with it.


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