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2015 Joyner Renegade


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I am looking for information on the 1100 Joyner Renegade. I am thinking about buying one and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them and their opinions. It sounds like a real decent machine but being made in China has me a little concerned.



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Just want to tell every body who owns a 650 Commando.We have a date that we will recive the rear Differential

The date is July 15 We have 15 units coming to us by air.We will take every one apart and shim and check the bearings and hard whear.We have 4 left to sell.All the rest are sold.Thear will be none made any more from Joyner.Some replace with rengade but thear are a different ratio.And will only last for a while.We also carry 800 cc Viper C/V axles and 1100 C/V axles.It will take some months to get more.We will still carry the C/V axles for 650 Commando.

Differential in stock The web site is Silverbulletmotorsports.net

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New upgraded 650 Commando rear differentials. The case has been machined to accept shims for the standard roller bearing which means you can now adjust the backlash. Replaced the hardware with new 10.9 bolts and locking tabs.
1100 Trooper power steering conversion kits are available. They are designed to be bolt in and easy to install.
New HD and Kevlar clutches are available. Twice the clamping force, minimal increase in pedal effort.

We also have 650, 800 and 1100 engine rebuild kits as well as complete motors. Complete engines start at $2300.00 to your door in 7 to 10 business days.

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