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Dan B

2014 Joyner R2 Differential

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I have a 2014 Joyner Renegade R2 1100cc.  I've seen many posts about these bolts sheering off.  I don't run my R2 very hard. I live in the desert southwest; not much mud around here.  I'm just wondering if I've got a potential of having the same problem or do these bolts only sheer off when running hard through deep mud and such.  Did Joyner realize this problem and include 12.9 bolts in later versions, like my model year?  Seems like this problem appears in the earlier model years.

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Yes joyner did do up grade on some 2009 and up.The only difference is they did not use 12.9 bolts and nuts.They did not set up backlash.Instead they use locking taps.If you take differential fill plug out and get light you can see the bolts with locking tabs.If it has these then it is a chinese upgrade.We sell more differential than any other company in usa including joyner USA.When we get them we take them apart.We see things that are not correct on some.They still use the 10.9 hardware with no nuts some times the back lash is incorrect and the pin is not welded.We do everything we can to insure the unit  is set up right.We tig the pin set back lash install the 12.9 hardware.If you want  jack up rear put jack stands and take it out of gear and release emergency brake and then grab driveshaft and try to turn it back and forth slowly.If the shaft turns and wheel don't you have to upgrade it.It should have less than 1/4 to 3/8 of play back and forth and has 1/2 of play or more than call me 928 344 2117 or [email protected]

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We upgrade all the Joyner rear differential.The Commando is the only one we can uses the 12.9 nuts on the ring & pinion.We have space to use nuts that help the ring gear bolts from vibrating loose.We use 12.9 hardware on all Renegade and Troopers we use a special  locktite used on Porsche engine for this vibration problem.There is no room to use nuts.We have tried to get a special nut but we could not find anything to fit.


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