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Harry Thomas

Kawasaki mule submerged in water !!help.

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58 minutes ago, Harry Thomas said:

Any 1 with some good advice ,my Kawasaki 2017 mule side by side was submerged in water and now dead. What can i do ?  

Welcome to UTVBOARD. I moved your topic to our Kawasaki forum. When you say dead, no power or no lights when key on? If it took water into the intake and is now hydro locked, you'll want to pull the plug and crank the engine to get the water out.  If you have no electrical now, there may be other issues and I would start by drying everything off and checking fuses as a start. 

Now if it starts but wont move, you probably have water in the CVT housing and there should hopefully be a plug to drain.

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Pull the spark plug(s) and crank the engine to make sure you flush out any water from the combustion chamber. Hydrolocking as Alex mentioned  can blow a headgasket, or worse, snap a connecting rod. Once you've made sure your combustion chamber is clear of water, you can replace the plugs . Also clean out the carb with some carb spray just in case any muck is in it,  I would also replace the air filter if it got soaked too.

 And you will want to drain the oil in case any water got in the crankcase, and run oil through it (not engine running) just poor oil in let it sit for awhile and drain it. ONLY if the oil is a milky/grey color. You will also want to be sure no water got into the gas tank so dump it and wash it out real good. let it dry out in the sun and put fresh gas with a new filter on it.

Alex summed everything up pretty good. I can't think of much else.

What model mule do you have, that might help with others helping you too.


I would also find a snorkel kit for it in case similar incidents occur in the future.

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