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A big hello to everyone here, my name is Casey and I live in Mexicali. I live with my future wife, the second one to be. A much better choice. I have raced a quad for about 4 years now, and finally decided to slow down and put a cage around myself. I still do some occasional racing, and support another friend in his class 12. I'm glad to find a site that I can share and learn from about my newest toy T4. My future wife and I are excited about spending some time riding the T4, and are looking to meet people out in the desert or dunes.


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Hola/Kia ora Casey & welcome to UTV Boards. There is a lot of good info with the Joyners that has been discussed with more topics popping up all the time and we look forward to your input. Paiute3 has a T4 like you so no doubt your feed off each other. I kind of get the feeling everyone is going to want to get to know you because of where you live and your T4.

Cheers Mike.

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Welcome Casey!

There is alot of really nice people here with a lot of knowledge about the Trooper. How long have you had your T4?


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Welcome Ito have a Trooper it is a T2. I just love it. Lots of good people here always glad to have another Trooper owner to participate.

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