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mule 550 won't run


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Toss some gas or spray some carb cleaner/starting fluid down the carb throat.

spray it where the duct from the air filter goes to the carb. Then try to start it.

if it does fuel is not making it to through the new carb.

next take out the spark plug and spray some carb cleaner or pour a small amount of gas down the hole, put the plug back in. And turn it over.

if none of these give any results  lift the bed and  unplug the coil ground wire, it's right behind the governor linkage. Then try to start it.

if you want I can upload you some troubleshooting  pages from my shop manual to look at.

Next you might try to unhook the fuel line coming from the pump, to the carb, turn the engine over and gas should shoot out of the pump.

one of the least likely options would be to pull the valve cover and  be sure the valves are operating correctly/not out of time. thats a last last resort.

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23 minutes ago, Travis said:

Here is the coil ground wire. Unplug it right there. Black wire

It's next to th oil fill cap. 


On 4/22/2018 at 9:20 PM, Travis said:

As far as I know, no.  Did you look at kawasakipartshouse.com ? O EM parts, but a bit cheaper. I'm rebuilding my 550 now.

What parts were missing? There are quite a few 1000 parts on Ebay.


I did find another issue and it started...it does idle good but has a very severe hesitation on acceleration...i did put on a new omw carb. Hardly has enough power to move...any thoughts?

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