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2018 Hisun Sector 750 Delphi Code Reader?

Matthew Gray

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Hey there tried to search the forum and come up with nothing, I know i have seen it here. 

What  is the Delphi code reader needed to Diagnose a 2018 Hisun Sector 750, got one with spark, fuel and no run. bit bizzare.

Would like to get a code reader from alixpress or amazon or something as we don't have a local dealer, can anyone help me with a part number, or know of a good unit that works?

thanks very much


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I have a OBD II Bluetooth Reader for my Car stuff, I understand its different, from Pictures It kinda looks like a RS-232 connector, but the machine is a fair way away, was kinda hoping to go to it with the tool first time,  the local dealer is not being overly helpful or interested but he is 4 hours away from the machine. LIke everything else I do, I end up fixing myself, just a extension  of my day job. Was hoping it would be a common reader ( I am was told its not OBD II, but hey i was also told the fault comes up on the dash and it doesn't on this one)

if i can't find a reader I will sort it, just would be nice to have the tool. 

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If you recognize an RS-232 connector. You just gave away your age - lol - I have the same issue - I tried to find a reader also - I am not sure if you can buy one unless you are a dealer or an authorized service center - still ticked off and waiting for someone richer than me to sue John Deere - you own a 200,000 dollar tractor but not the 500 dollar ECU that runs everything on it - Detroit tried that for years until the government demanded a standard that every car sold in the USA had to follow - was OBD2, now CAN

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RS-232 ;) yup, but I will be honest, we still use it in GPS hardware I work on, Serial with Baud Rates from 1hz to 20hz 19,200 to 115,400 its simple and it works!

I am with you on the JD I refuse to own JD powered products, had JD techs tell me they don't like my stuff in there customers machines, it seems when some people get a job for a large manufacturer like that they loose all ability to think. This is why I will advocate for any company, but there service has to be good. more companies and brands in a market, the more diluted the presence of any one in particular.

People like a sense of belonging and the marketing departments capitalise on this, some will never buy another brand in fear of being judged by others, some ford owners will never buy chevy etc, so what happens then is if the service is bad there is still a high probability they will buy another from the same brand, we farm with 4 brands of tractors, I have had many different brand cars, I like variety and buy on function.

the service has been bad on this Hisun, it stopped the end of January, dad is 4 hours from the dealer, he was going to come look, now complains it's too far, but he was happy to deliver it to us for free (we will pay for his travel, but he says yeah I will be there and never turns up lol), he has promised and never delivered, its done 200 hours in 7 months, it sits dead in the shed, so my father is using his other bike, if the dealer showed a interest in it earlier I would not be so upset. As from now I cannot recommend a Hisun Vector 750 to anyone unless the dealer is local, and he has a will to keep business, and gives a damn about you. I admit there has been a lock down with the Virus, but Couriers run every day, and diagnostic computers can be couriered, so can sensors. but we have had nothing. If i ever get to look at it myself, i am guessing its either a sensor, or valve clearance or something.....till then its dead in the shed and everyone in the neighbourhood has seen it there lol.......building a brand is a team effort huh!.....next one we buy will be a kubota or yamaha or something, no worry. 




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