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New to Board New owner. Help 2018 Stampede

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Just bought my son and I a used 2018 Stampede....

Drove it for 2 days everything seemed great.  But then today, we had it sitting outside got back in to take off and it would only do like 5 mph with the gas to the floor ... WTH?  Have it in high gear... I'm far from a mechanic but have no clue.  Literally 30 minutes before hand we were doing 40mph.    

I did notice the engine light on but only had 2 bars ... he usually drives so I dont know if that is always on or not.  I looked at the owners manual and it stated that the bars and backlight flash when overheated ...

I have no clue.  Need help... son is worried he did something to it...

Please advise... thank u



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Yes.  Seemed to be...  

The temp light was on but not blinking.  It would be great if there was a description or video of the console and what was "normal" on running conditions.  

It's about 40 degrees here.  Vehicle was running at 40 -50 mph 20 mins earlier.  Stopped for about 20-30 mins an engine temp light was on that I didnt see before and it would only go like 5 mph... on the book I have it states that if engine was over heated it would blink on console...  not sure.  



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