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Need a Rear Driveshaft and u-joints

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Is the yokes on the inline drive shaft the same for both front and rear from transmission?

Yoke broke on rear inline drive shaft but found a front inline drive shaft with yoke.

Haven't dissembled yet, but no hurt in asking. 

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    • By DIY
      I just purchased a 2007 3010 Mule, and I'm checking all of the adjustments, when I noticed that when I'm in 2WD, and I push the Mule forward and backwards, that the front driveshaft always turns.  Should this be happening?  I would think that the front driveshaft would not rotate if the 2WD/4WD selector is in the 2WD position.  Are the front wheels turning this driveshaft in this situation and it isn't actually connected to the transmission?  If that is the case, does this mean that all of the axles and driveshafts from the front wheels, all the way to the rear trans-axle are always turning, even in 2WD mode?
    • By Tinman
      Hey guys,
      After my lower u-joint spline wore out and start spinning (bolt was tight, but the u-joint metal is very soft), and after putting in a split pin on top to keep the upper u-joint from working its way out and causing a catastrophic accident (I drive on the highway with this thing, as well as offroad) I was thinking it's time to replace it with something more robust.
      Was wondering what fixes any of you actually did for the steering system - details please.
      Lenny, I know you changed it completely to one from a car, and some here have links to rack and pinions they found interesting, but was wondering if more details can be given:
      Which car did you get the complete assembly from, which system has actually been tried, mods to steering arms... that sort of thing.
      For now, I've put in a grade 8 bolt, tightened it so tight the slot has dissappeared, and put in a locking screw to keep things together till i fix this...

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