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Massimo Buck 400 First oil change


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I was told by the Massimo dealership that I need to change the oil in my buck 400 side by side after the the first 25 miles as this is the break in period. I’m having a terrible time unloosing the drain plug 😩.. any suggestions? 

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Be sure you're turning it the correct way, counter clockwise to loosen it.

They are pretty tight from the factory!

One way I do is with my ratchet or wrench, and get A hammer and hit the end the end of The tool with it,that usually gets it done.


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Can't help you with getting it loose.  But future oil changes would be much easier if you had a valve type drain.  I use the fumoto valve on all my vehicles when possible.  Makes oil changes extremely easy. No wrenches, just flip the lever. 

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On 5/1/2020 at 8:45 PM, kenfain said:

Can't help you with getting it loose.  But future oil changes would be much easier if you had a valve type drain.  I use the fumoto valve on all my vehicles when possible.  Makes oil changes extremely easy. No wrenches, just flip the lever. 

Do you know what size to buy for the Buck 400?

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Pull the existing drain plug, or an internet search will give you the size. Make sure there's clearance to install, for example, skid plate clearance. If extra length is needed to make the necessary clearance. Fumoto also has extension adapters. 

I prefer the short nipple version. Don't forget to also get the hose end, that connects to the nipple. Fumoto sells reasonably priced tubing also. But you can get that locally if you prefer. 

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      Fuel Tank Capacity 4.8 gallons
      Battery 12V 9Ah

      Front Suspension McPherson Independent Suspension
      Rear Suspension Independent Double A-Arm

      Front / Rear Brake Hydraulic Disc

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      View File Massimo Buck 400 Service Manual
      Here is a copy of the factory Massimo buck 400 service manual
      Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/03/2021 Category Massimo  
    • By strike250
      Here is a copy of the factory Massimo buck 400 service manual
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